C5: Setting Up Line and Walled Mazes for LEGO EV3 and NXT line-following Robots.

You will learn how to set up a line maze suitable for a LEGO MindStorms EV3 or NXT Robot using colored plastic tape or printed lines on a carpet or floor. You will learn how to select different line colors that will be suitable for use on different colored floors or carpets. Using videos, you will also see how to form mazes that use curved lines printed on paper that can either be laminated or glued on to wooden tiles, these tiles being the same size as the International RoboCup Junior Rescue Tiles. You will also learn how to add side walls to these wooden tiles to make a reconfigurable walled maze. There are four tutorial video lessons in this series.

To get a High Definition (HD) playback for classroom use, or smaller playback for mobile phone use, click here for a link to the YouTube playlist.

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